Month: February 2017

The last resort: credit-starved business owners are forcing banks to hear their complaints

Abstract: Canadian banks have been extremely reticent about lending money to small business owners, causing many potentially successful business owners to complain. The country’s biggest seven banks have agreed to look into resolving the matter. Full Text: When things are slow at the office, Tony Havelka likes to strap on his virtual-reality goggles and check

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Re-creating reality

Full Text: Re-creating reality Michael McGreevy says that he will walk on the planet Venus within the next two years. But he plans to do it without leaving his laboratory in California’s Silicon Valley. McGreevy, a 40-year-old research scientist with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), is one of dozens of American and Japanese

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It’s not all fun and games: Lorne Abony: the deal-maker behind Fun Technologies

Full Text: A daring breed of Canadian entrepreneurs is emerging as the economy shifts paradigms. They are the new masters of our corporate universe, and they are changing what we do and how we do it. Being typically Canadian, they operate below radar range and seldom boast about their accomplishments-unlike Wall Street’s egomaniacal high flyers

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